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You are here > articles > color selection > Color And Psychology: Part 4

D. Books I Consulted for These Topics: Color and Psychology, Design for Seniors

- Healthy Home : A Practical and... . Eco-Friendly materials. Inspiration, ideas and information. Feng Shui theory and practice. Colors and textures. Author: Jill Blake.

- Elderdesign; Designing and Furnishing a..., by Rosemary Bakker. A room-by-room guide to the products, design concepts, and technologies that will make your home into a safe, accessible environment.

Follow the links, below, to see other portions of this article.
A. General Information About the Psychology of Color and Interiors (Part 1)
B. Interior Design Philosophies and Color Psychology: Feng Shui, and Aura’s, etc. (Part 2)
C. How We Can Help Seniors Though the Use of Color (Part 3)

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